Hydro Excavation

24/7 service available
Serving All Of Columbus Ohio
Safer, cleaner, and more efficient excavation
Lower backfill and restoration costs
daylighting and potholing
Excavate congested utilities with no damage
Excavate in challenging locations


Chuck’s Septic Tank Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc. offers precise, efficient, and safe hydro excavation services. Hydro excavation uses high pressure water to cut through and break apart the ground and expose the utilities underneath. At the same time, an air vacuum is used at the same location to remove debris. The precision of hydro excavation allows an area to be excavated without causing damage to the underground utilities in the area. Risks that go along with traditional excavation are minimized, such as property damage, utility damage and accidents. Chuck’s Septic Tank has decades of experience in hydro excavation.



Hydro excavation has become one of the preferred methods of excavation in recent years. It is safer than traditional excavation, and leaves a smaller footprint. Hydro excavation is also better for high traffic areas because it can be positioned away from the excavation site. Trust no one but the experts at Chuck’s.