In Line Video Inspection

24/7 service available
Serving All Of Columbus Ohio
Push camera inspection 1.5” to 36” in diameter
Tractor camera line size: 8” to 60”
Find cross bores and blockages
Waterproof in line cameras
Spot problems, avoid unnecessary excavation
Video recording


Chuck’s Septic Tank¬†provides sewer in line video inspections to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our specialized waterproof cameras can spot leaks, roots and blockages within minutes. If a problem is found, the location and depth of the area is marked using digital locators to pinpoint the exact area for excavation. For larger pipelines such as sewer main lines, a lateral launcher camera is used.¬† Our lateral launcher can cross terrain impossible for a push camera, as well as travel over 300ft into a line.



Our cameras record the entire process of inspection for the customer. This allows you to visualize the interior of your pipeline and spot potential leaks, obstructions, and other problem areas. With the most complete picture of your underground line, you can avoid unnecessary excavation when repairing/replacing your pipeline.